Facebook - When is a profile or a page fake?
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4 Jun 2017

Facebook - When is a profile or a page fake?

Facebook - When is a profile or a page fake?

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So how do you tell the difference between a real Facebook profile and a fake profile.  Why do they do it?  To win over your friends and make them their friends so that they can learn things about you that you have only told your friends.  Here are some simple signs that will help you to find it out for yourself.

  1. Look for photos on the profile. Authentic profiles tend to have plenty of different photos. A profile with a single, often quite vague, picture is usually fake.
  2. Look for activity – An active profile is a legitimate one. If the user hasn’t updated their status or engaged with other users the chances are good that the profile is a fake.
  3. Look at the usage trail – Is the user a member of a variety of different groups and a liker of a broad range of pages? If not, they’re either not using Facebook very often or more likely, the profile is fake.
  4. Check out their friends list – A plentiful friends list does not always equal an authentic profile. A plethora of spammy sounding accounts or almost exclusive list of accounts held by the opposite sex usually mean the profile is a fake.
  5. Check out their info – Has the user listed things like schools/universities attended or current/previous workplaces? 
  6. Check the birthdate – While Facebook doesn’t require you to enter a birth date, accounts that list dates like 1/1 or 31/12 are often fake as these numbers are unique and easy to type in.
  7. Check out recent posts to the wall – Posts asking whom the person is or why they’ve added the other user are both red herrings for a fake account.
  8.  When it looks to good to be true, for instance those pages that tell you, you will win a caravan or winabago or luxury items are usually fake pages just getting your details that you are interested in this sort of thing and will target you. 
  9. They have only two or three posts and have only just been created, three maybe for and no announcements of previous winners.
  10. Be vigilant when using Facebook. Don't believe everything you see. 

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