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Kate Schwager

  • A community development professional, dealing with all levels of the community. I have had extensive experience with businesses, community eg. Chambers of Commerce, researchers, and industry organisations.
  • Community development is a strong focus
  • In my previous role as the community officer at the Cotton CRC I helped organise three successful Sustaining Rural Communities conferences and attracted over the three years $120,000 worth of sponsorship.
  • For 12 years my business has been home based, designing and developing websites for small and large businesses Australia wide.
  • With 60 clients across a wide range of industries and businesses including catering, solar, agriculture, networks, small town sites, water and community.
  • In 2006 was the winner of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation - NSW Rural Women's Award.
  • 2012 a business office in Wee Waa opened offering marketing and advertising online to small and medium businesses using the websites www.weewaa.com and www.narrabri.net and now www.namoibusinessdirectory.com.au. We have added www.namoinews.com.au and namoicalendar.com.au to the portfolio.
  • 2015 KateS On Web formed a partnership with Indian based company Jha Technology pvt ltd  WebTech4RIndia. To supply DNN skins and designs, which brings a large range of designers and developers together to supply an original and unique product at reasonable prices for small business.
  • 2017 KateS On Web has been able to maintain a great relationship with Jha Technolofy pvt ltd WebTech4RIndia and offer other services such as e-commerce websites where we have started small to help those with only a few products. This has developed over the last few years to larger shop fronts offering more products.
  • 2019 KateS On Web has extended the relationship and now includes SEO Site Engine Optimization as a Service for its client base as well as other websites who require a reasonable priced product in the market place. 
  • 2020 KateS On Web has developed the Connect North West Network to include Boggabri under this banner. Smaller villages have been included and more will be added.  This coincides with the town of St George and surrounding areas becoming Connect South West Qld Network.
  • 2024 after taking up a postiion with the Department of Education as the Burren Junction Public School, School Administration Manger in 2019, she has continued her community efforts with helping establish the Burren Progress Inc, of which she is the Publicity Officer.  Still doing the websites on a casual basis for her 40 clients Kate spends time enjoying doing websites on a small scale, gardening and looking forward to a quieter lifestyle.


Positions held

  • Kate is the Managing Director of KateS On Web
  • Publicity Officer of Burren Progress Inc.
  • Member of the Farm-Link Advisory Committee
  • Webmaster for the following Websites weewaa.com, narrabri.net, boggabri.net, walgett.net, namoibusinessdirectory.com.au, namoicalendar.com.au, namoinews.com.au, which make up connectnorthwest.com.au and helenbaldwin.com.au.
  • Regional Director of Australia for Ligante Ltd 
  • Member of the Namoi CMA Community Reference Panel
  • Board Member Narrabri and District Community Aid Services
  • Committee Member of Make it Work
  • Treasurer and President of the Wee Waa Chamber of Commerce
  • Foundation Member, Secretary, and Publicity Officer Wincott Inc
  • Community Officer Cotton Catchment Communities CRC
  • Fundraising Co ordinator Wee Waa Community Complex Inc
  • We strive to develop a superior website product for our clients through innovative systems management, technology, leadership and partnerships.

  • Our organization strives to support regional communities in providing a management and marketing service to support the needs of local businesses.

  • Our organization's plan is to teach the client to update their own website to cut the high cost of running and having a website updated by web developers. 

  • We take your business to the world

We take the stress and worry out of what most people find difficult, building a website, let us do it for you.  We are building something for you that is unique to your company it has never existed before and there is none like it.  Each website is different in so many ways.  We are going to make mistakes, we are all human, we take the projects and see it through to the end, it doesn't stop there.  We hold your hand all the way and are available to teach you to change what has been created together. You will be able to contact us for help and service is our number one priority.  

  • How we get started on this journey is up to you.  

You make the first step by contacting us, we take it from there, making it a lot less complicated then it should be.  You supply the information and images and we turn those into something that is unique for the world to see  

  • Do the right thing

Actions speak a lot louder than words, feedback is a necessity in this business we trust each other to act independently to do the right thing even when sometimes it is not easy  we try hard to go the extra mile to wow our clients and get very excited when we can help a business achieve positive results, helping others is what we do well small medium or large you are in good hands.  

  • We communicate with our clients to earn trust

We are a small business that takes on board what our clients have to say, we build and earn the trust of our clients by being honest at all times. Sometimes technology does not work and patience is needed on both sides af the project. We listen and expect our clients to listen as well. Communication is the key to getting a fantastic product that everyone likes at the end.  We work with our people on a daily basis, to get the results our clients are looking for.  Communication gives us the advantage to do more with less interruptions and mistakes. 

  • We put our clients first

We welcome feedback from our clients whether it is positive or negative, you can't go forward unless we are all on the same page on how we view the project. 

  • We focus on improving ourselves with every client

We can always strive for improvement personally and as a company.  We are very much aware of our personal levels of happiness and productivity and are prepared to make changes to grow within the industry and within our business. We are open to learning from our clients and also to teaching our clients about what they sometimes see as a complicated industry. 


EasyDNN Solutions

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Advertising Narrabri and Wee Waa

Wanting to advertise your business in the Narrabri and Wee Waa areas. Why not start with a banner add to promote your business with the Wee Waa and Narrabri sites. What better place could you find to promote your business then on these two sites. We now also have available across all the websites the Namoi Business Directory If you advertise on any of the sites you will automatically go into the directory. Advertising schedule can be found here it is the same for both websites. Struggle with an online presence. People Google these days and you need to be on the net. Why not give us a call and we can find you an easy solution without the hassle.

Web Development, Web Design Narrabri, Wee Waa

Kates On Web works with lots of different developers to bring customers a very reasonably priced outcome. We offer different plans for different jobs all using the DNN Program Websites and E-Commerce with discounts and payment plans to accommodate small businesses and organizations that are facing cashflow shortfalls. Why not use a local person in Narrabri, Moree, Gunnedah and Wee Waa to manage the development and design of your website? We have global connections that we can source to get a better outcome for all.

BJ Preschool

Launched in October 2016 they received some funding and decided to try a website for the preschool it is a great way for the parents to interact with the preschool and for the preschool to promote themselves to prospective parents.  They are very happy with their mobile responsive website. https://www.bjpreschool.com.au/

 Faber Coaters

Launched in 2010 Fabercoaters needed a web presence to cater for their growing business which not only services the Narrabri area, it services the north West. https://fabercoaters.com.au

Quick Cool

A Narrabri business also with Sensis moved to us for a better deal on hosting, website and local SEO with all platforms being available and a mobile responsive website to cover all his needs in an online presence. https://quickcool.com.au/

Music Websites

Another music website for music and covers. The modules we use make adding music very easy and adding social media feeds to their site can be clearly visible, which is a huge benefit in today's music world. https://themusicwithin.com.au/

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